Who we are

BI.ROBOTECH company was founded in the year 2000 by the strong experience and skill of engineer Tommaso Bufi in the design and automation of innovative machinerys in various sectors: wood, machines for the production of bakery products, machines for bottling different fluids (oil , wine, inks, perfumes, soaps), machines for shaping the braids and knots of mozzarella, up to the construction of the technological island in the waste collection sector.

Thanks to its highly qualified staff, composed of different engineers and architects, it is able to meet the highest quality standards.

Our range of machines meets the main expectations of manufacturers in terms of:

- Reliability and quality of the machine
- Increase of production for a greater profit
- Flexibility
- Lower costs
- Capacity and competence

Our services

- Pre-sales assistance and technical assistance
- Design of plants turnkey
- Realization of automatic lines

- Financial advices
- Post-sales technical assistance
- Sale of new and used overhauled machines

Our Team

The company respects quality standards at a level to be envious, in fact our staff is highly qualified and specialized to ensure the utmost seriousness and reliability to our customers.

Our Partners

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